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Celebrate diversity through dance

JULY 4-14, 2019

21st InFrinGinG Dance Festival

The Port Theatre | Maffeo Sutton Park

Watch for updates on the 2019 InFrinGinG Dance Festival. 
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- Free Outdoor Audience Participation Workshops
- Outreach Classes with Visiting Artists

2018 InFrinGinG Dance Festival

The Sun and the Moon

Inspired by Snuneymuxw author Celestine Aleck's story by the same name, choreographed by Holly Bright. We are excited to announce our new composer is Wayne LaVallee.

Thursday, July 5, 2018 | 7:30PM
The Port Theatre


The Sun and the Moon is created and directed by Holly Bright and based on a contemporary creation story by Snuneymuxw author, Celestine Aleck.  Dance artists, Genevieve Johnson and Nicola Jackson are magical performers and co-collaborators.  The work features an original score by Wayne LaVallee, costume design and construction by Graham McMonagle, lighting design by John Carter and video design by Chimerik.


A Celebration of Indigenous culture and Snuneymuxw and local dance artists with:

Footprints of the Wolf: a family drum circle from Snuneymuxw

Snuneymuxw Dance Group

The Secret Path: A contemporary trio created by 3 emerging dance artists, Lisa Deptuck, Halle Ebdrup, Mikaela Robinson, that is intended to raise awareness of the devastating effects of residential schools and deepen understandings of how this has affected all Canadians. 


Celestine Aleck, Sahiltiniye, is a practicing professional artist of Snuneymuxw First Nation lineage. She is a contemporary author, story teller, illustrator and interpreter of traditional stories.  Her work is published through Strong Nations Publishing Company in Nanaimo, and distributed throughout the country and especially to schools who wish to teach their child populations about Indigenous artists and the territory where they live. Author's Bio.


Kalabanté: Won’ma Afrique

Saturday, July 7, 2018 | 7:30PM 
The Port Theatre


"Won'Ma Afrique", meaning "our Africa" in the Schmidt language, is adapted from Kalabanté's "Afrique En Cirque" performance for the Montreal Council of the Arts tour of 2017-2018 -- symbolizing the strength, agility and the joy of living of african youth. Amazing acrobats, along with their musicians, run their authentic choreographies on the frantic rythmes of djembes from Guinea. This show radiates the diversity of African traditional arts combined with the virtuosity of the North American modern circus performance.

Special guests, Guinean artists, Kalabanté, offer a 3-day workshop; a free, outdoor, teaser-demo Friday; and a full show, Won’ma Afrique, Saturday at The Port Theatre. Formed in 2007 by Yamoussa Bangoura, a multidisciplinary artist of Guinean origin, these artists were discovered by Cirque du Soleil as they honed their unparalleled acrobatic skills on the beaches of their homeland. They join us at Nanaimo's 16th annual InFrinGinG Dance Festival to deepen our understanding and appreciation of African dance, drum, song and joy.

The White Room Performances

Hum | Lindy’s Hop | The Color White

Samantha Letourneau | Lindy Sisson | Nabil Sayes
Friday, July 6, 2018 | 8:00PM
The White Room | 4 Church Street, Nanaimo
OUR Culture!  Nanaimo; who we are!  Enjoy works in process and snippets of life created by Nanaimoites: established, newly located, and newly immigrated!


This partially improvised work in progress by Samantha Letourneau is inspired by a hummingbird skeleton. Letourneau explores the mobility of this structure and the contrasts that exist within it - fragility, strength, restriction and freedom. Performed with musical guests: El Hombre Al Auga, Valentina Cardinalli and Angus Barter.

Lindy's Hop

An exploration of a dancer stuck behind a desk, the blindness of bureaucracy, the callousness of control and the fear of love - that lose out to the power of the light that shines within. "A cathartic slice of life - you might relate to."
The Color White
Nabil Sayes is a Syrian artist from Aleppo who came to Nanaimo as a refugee.   He will present and discuss his film, The Color White. In his very first short film, Nabil tells us about the little Syrian girl Rama who lost all her toys under the rubble! Like many others, she then left Syria without knowing what happened to her family, finding refuge in one of the many camps in a neighboring country. Rama hides her most valuable things, her dreams and hopes in one small plastic bag that she took along with her from Syria. She always keeps an eye on it, waiting impatiently to return to Syria.


Celebrate Africa!

Voodoo Dave & Friends | Kalabanté
Crimson Coast Stage | Maffeo Sutton Park
Friday, July 6, 2018 | 5:30-6:30PM
VooDoo Dave & Friends and Guinean artists of Kalabanté share the outcome of their residency together; with a teaser by Kalabanté for their Saturday night show! Bring your drum or borrow one of ours (limited!) and circle up with us to revive the heartbeat of InFrinGinG for 2018!

"This is Polynesia!" South Sea Revue

The Paul Tavai-Latta Polynesian Dancers & Co.

Crimson Coast Stage | Maffeo Sutton Park 
Saturday, July 7, 2018 | 12:30-5PM
Audience Participation class of Hawaiian Hula & Tahitian Ori dance -- with live drums and a hands on “Show & Tell” of the instruments for the kids (big and small!) to touch, feel, hear, and try out!  An opportunity for everyone to try out the dances of this exotic and beautiful region. With an additional performance of traditional and contemporary Māori dance, music and costume -- ending with a multi-cultural Polynesian Finale show! 

Dancing in the Middle East | Performances and Workshops

Dabke! Lebanese, Syrian & Palestinian folk dance | Turkish Roman Dance

Khaleegy - Dance of the Gulf States | Dance and Rhythms of Egypt  

Crimson Coast Stage | Maffeo Sutton Park
Sunday, July 8, 2018 | 12:30-4:15PM
Discover high-energy dabke dances of Syria and Lebanon, graceful home-style Khaleegy, earthy Turkish dance, intricate Arab rhythms and expressive Egyptian movements. This afternoon will mix fun, energizing drumming and dance workshops with performances of four distinctive Arab and Turkish styles.  Join ten experienced Middle Eastern dance artists and musicians, who will share their expertise while challenging popular stereotypes and assumptions.
No previous dance experience necessary... Just community spirit!

Nanaimo Ballroom Dance Society

Crimson Coast Stage | Maffeo Sutton Park
Saturday, July 7, 2018 | 11:30AM




Advanced dancers from the Nanaimo Ballroom Dance Society perform an exciting mix of Ballroom and Latin dances.

Lluvia Flamenco Presents Feria


Crimson Coast Stage | Maffeo Sutton Park
Sunday, July 8, 2018 | 11:30AM




Join this flameco-inspired community dance group in celebrating fiesta-style dance from Spain!


Maffeo Sutton Park
Sunday, July 8 | 4:15PM
This dance was created by The National Ballet School of Canada and is being presented through out the summer in cities across Canada. It is easy, fun and there is even a section modified for those who require to dance in chairs!  
                          More Information...
Photo: The Melissa Nobels, a MerLADY if there ever was one!


Swy-a-lana Lagoon | Maffeo Sutton Park 
Sunday, July 8 | 5:00PM
CALLING MerPERSONS, MerMEN, MerCHILDREN, MerMAIDS, MerBEASTS! Join us as we gather, splish, splash and sing our siren song to the love of water! Also enjoy a slice of cake as we celebrate 20 years of Dance of the Crimson Coast!
Be inspired by the MerPERSONS of various cultures:
Greek: Siren, Africa: Mami Wata water spirits, Middle East: Abdulla the mermen, Brazil: Lara, Lady of the waters, Haiti: Lasirn, France: Melusine, Japan: Ningyo, Russia: Rusalka, Greenland: Sedna, Scotland: Selkie, Norway: Finfolk, Femme Fatales, Sirenia


All outdoor events take place in Maffeo-Sutton Park alongside the Save-on-Foods Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival.  


 CCS  Crimson Coast Stage    SL  Swy-a-lana Lagoon    PG  Park Grounds   TWR  The White Room- 4 Church St



5:30-6:30PM | African Dance & Drum Performance | VooDoo DaveMcGrath & Company   CCS 
7:00PM | Won’ma Afrique Teaser Performance | Kalabanté  CCS 
8:00PM | Informal Works Choreographed and performed by Lindy Sisson, Nabil Sayes, and Samantha Letourneau  TWR 


11:30AM | LATIN FORMATION TEAM | Nanaimo Ballroom Dance Society CCS 
12:30PM | Hawaii Thru History |   CCS 
1:30PM | A Night in Tahiti |  CCS 
2:30PM | Audience Participation Class | Hawaiian Hula & Tahitian Ori Dance   CCS 
3:30PM | Māori Aotearoa New Zealand! |  CCS 
4:30PM | Mixed Polynesian Show Grand Finale  CCS 


10:00AM | ELVIS | A little bit of gospel-a little bit of rock n roll   CCS 
11:30AM | Lluvia flamenco presents Feria
| Celebrating fiesta style dance from Spain  CCS 
12:00PM | DRAGONBOAT FESTIVAL CARNATION CEREMONY | In honour of lives well lived and interrupted by cancer   SL 
12:30PM | Khaleegy - Dance of the Gulf States
| Performance & WorkshoCCS  
1:15PM | Dabke! Lebanese, Syrian & Palestinian folk dance Demonstration & Workshop  CCS 
2:00PM |
 Turkish Roman Dance from Folk to Folkloric | Performance & Workshop  CCS 
3:00PM |
Dance and Rhythms of Egypt
| Performance & Workshop  CCS 
4:15PM | Flashmob! Sharing Dance Canada - National Ballet School, Chiara Ackerman  CCS 
5:00PM | Merfolk SplashMob | with Crimson Coast Dance 20th Birthday Cake  SL 
Visit the Dance Museum Tent to purchase performance tickets, register for workshops, and learn more about the inspirations that underlie the festival performances. Located in Maffeo Sutton Park next to the Nanaimo Dragonboat information booth. 
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