Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Crimson Coast Dance Society is to develop and support dance creations, productions, performances and educational opportunities at both grass root and professional levels in Central Vancouver Island. The principal objectives of Crimson Coast Dance Society are to create a place for professional dance on central Vancouver Island based in the City of Nanaimo. The Society is committed to raising the profile of dance, developing dance audiences outside the BC Lower Mainland and creating performance and teaching opportunities for  professional dance artists in the growing cultural community in Nanaimo. In pursuing its goals Crimson Coast Dance Society has demonstrated a pattern of local community development in the areas of dance creation, production and animation.
Our Mandate
-To make dance experiences of many kinds; performance, workshops, film, residencies, dialogue, accessible to the people of Nanaimo and the surrounding Central Vancouver Island/Gulf Island Communities. 
-To provide an environment and opportunities for regionally based, national and international, emerging to established, dance artists to continue to develop their craft and share their expertise.
-To provide performance and teaching opportunities for regional, national and international dance professionals.
-To create educational opportunities for the local community as audience, artists and arts supporters.
-To create opportunities for the development of skills in performing arts production and for local professionals desiring to broaden their skills and for youth desiring to explore career options.
-To contribute to the growing arts community and arts activities in Nanaimo and the central Island region.

A Message from Artistic Director/Producer, HOLLY BRIGHT
Welcome to the Crimson Coast! Nanaimo is home to both inspiring western sunsets and astounding dance performances! I moved to Nanaimo in 1992 and initially commuted to continue my work in dance. In 1996, I produced a full-length work in Nanaimo, and realized that there was an eager audience for contemporary dance located right here! Subsequently, I initiated the Crimson Coast Dance Society, and since then have worked alongside a number of diligent, dance-loving individuals to contribute to the development of modern dance and dance literacy in Nanaimo. The experience of dance has become a shared understanding in our community, and one that continues to grow at many levels, in many ways.

From my point of view, human physical expression is a frightfully powerful and wondrous thing. Delving into the articulation of the unspeakable remains a fascinating, gripping call for my work as performer, choreographer, educator or curator. As a dance artist or a dance audience, I am fascinated with interpreting the works of choreographers who have a knack for weaving a visceral "aha!" into their dance pieces.This sort of poetic metaphor cannot be expressed through words, but it is felt universally by those who see it, because it's meaning is only discernible through the experience of being a human being. Our bodies are our freedom and our cage. Through them we experience the full pleasure and pain that life presents to us. Our first and last experience of life is movement...from cellular breathing in utero to the last pulse of a fully realized body on our deathbed. Our body is our vessel, our compass, our anchor, our sail. It is moved by our own breath. Dance is a celebration of our gift of inhabiting the body. It is an exploration and a dialogue for processing the stories of life and sharing them.

We relate to imagery, metaphor, music and movement. We are a dance audience in the theatre or on the street. On the street, at work, at the grocery store, the cafe, we witness and create our version of what we see and experience. We do the same as a dance audience member in the theatre. We create our version of what transpired on stage. We discover and make meaning of dance’s poetry. In the post show discussion, we compare impressions and learn what we care about as an individual and as a community. By these acts of participation, we further define ourselves.

Terms that I use to describe this art form - wondrous, powerful, mindful, fulfilling, challenging, remarkable also describe the works that are brought to Nanaimo through our Dance On The Crimson Coast Series. We have been fortunate to have been inspired by the presence and performances of so many gifted artists!
BIOGRAPHY | Holly Bright
Holly performs, choreographs, teaches, adjudicates contemporary dance festivals and facilitates movement with varied populations. She has guest taught at Cornish University Seattle, University of Akron, Ohio and The University of New Mexico, Las Cruces, and at various dance academies in Nanaimo, B.C, where she currently resides. She has worked with many choreographers and companies including; Senta Driver, Hanya Holm, Agnes de Mille, Nina Weiner, Maureen Fleming-Odo, Lynne Taylor Corbett in New York City, Helen Myers (New Mexico) and Chick Snipper, Kokoro Dance, Judith Marcuse (film), Lee Eisler, Deborah Dunn, Judith Garay, Jennifer Mascall and Cheryl Prophet in Vancouver, Margie Gillis and Susanna Hood (Montreal) and playwright, Judith Adams, U.K.

Her Musical Theatre choreographic background has been with experimental or original works; Euphemia (Akron, Ohio), The Spirit of Bleeker Street (NYC), A Good Person? (Malaspina University Theatre). She choreographed Hot Flashes with Theatre One (Nanaimo) and Heidi, A Child's Christmas In Wales and South Pacific with Chemainus Theatre (Chemainus). She has performed as a "hot box dancer" in Guys and Dolls (Ohio) and thoroughly enjoyed creating the leading role in an original play, The Swing of Things (NYC).

Holly holds a BA in Dance and a BSc in Human Physiology. She is a certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst and a licensed teacher of the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Movement Method. She is a Thai Massage Practitioner. Holly is the Founder, Artistic and General Director for The Crimson Coast Dance Society in Nanaimo, BC. She curates annually, The InFrinGinG Dance Festival, DANCE ON THE CRIMSON COAST MainStage series, Outreach activities and The Body Talk Youth Project- a career exploration mentorship program for teens in the performing arts.
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