There are many ways that you can help our organization bring dance to our community. We are always in need of volunteers for upcoming events and festivals. We sincerely appreciate the time given by volunteers, and hope you will join us either at our events, or by joining our board of directors. If you would like to volunteer with us, or join our board of directors, you can do so by contacting our volunteer coordinator Daryl Collerman at crimsonvolunteers@hotmail.com
Become a member
  The cost of a membership is only $10.00 for an individual or $25 for a family, but it is a significant affirmation of the importance our work and mission to provide the best in contemporary dance opportunities to the Nanaimo community. Your membership provides the society with a vote of confidence that our work is valuable and sought after. It also makes an important political statement at the Civic, Provincial, and Federal level that merits attention for continuing and improved investment in arts and culture.

Your membership with Crimson Coast Dance entitles you to the following benefits:

• Inclusion on our mailing lists
• Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting
• Special invitations to meet the artists or attend selected workshops
 • Member discounts on tickets (when available)

Single Membership $10
Family Membership $25

Your commitment as a member and a participant is vital to our work and ensures that season after season
 we can continue to provide you with our world-class dance events right here in Nanaimo.
Crimson Coast is the only organization in our community dedicated to providing professional contemporary dance performances, workshops, and residencies. We are passionate about bringing you diverse, high-calibre artistic opportunities to the Nanaimo area, which would not otherwise be available. Did you know that for each case, when we bring professional artists to Nanaimo to perform, we work with them to offer dance workshops in the community at all skill levels? These opportunities provide the Nanaimo community with a remarkable opportunity to learn from established professional artists in addition to seeing their performance work in a fully staged performance environment.

Through participation in mainstage workshops and classes, dance provides a range of health benefits to the communities we serve. While we already know that exercise in general has numerous beneficial effects, from reducing rates of cardiovascular disease to improving mood and memory, dance has specific and targeted health results. Independent research studies out of the UK over the past 10 years are reporting a significant positive impact of dance on youth, identifying increases in physical fitness, self-esteem, and overall psychological health.

As well, the social benefit of the shared creative experience whether in a class or witnessing a performance inspires dialogue, sense of self and a sense of community identity. Dance holds a place for beauty in this world. Beauty is essential to inspiration and health as well as to the recuperative process as we move through today's global challenges.
We are proud to partner with Canada Helps for processing our online donations. You may make a one-time contribution or set-up an ongoing monthly donation. All contributions above $25 annually will receive a charitable tax receipt at the end of the calendar year. Please click the image below to make your contribution to Crimson Coast Dance Society.


Support our continued work with the arts community by making a donation.
We are a non-profit organization, and your donations are critical in our continued operation. 

Promote your business with us, through our programs. Our rates are very reasonable, and ads are seen by as many as 500 people per show. Contact dance@crimsoncoast.org for rates or if you have any questions. 
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